You asked for it…THIS YEARS RACE REGULATIONS (It’s a long read, but please ensure you take a look before engineering your masterpiece)
Race Day: September 10, 2017 @ 2:30pm

What is a Zucchini race??

Do you like vegetables? Do you enjoy race-cars Zucchini races are a fun activity for the whole family! Grow a zucchini (or buy one), decorate it, add a few wheels, and let it fly down a custom ramp! Prizes will be awarded for class speed winners and a specialty prize for the most creative racer!
General Information

Zucchinis will race in threes lanes down a 26 foot racetrack, in an elimination-style tournament! In each race, the first racer to reach the finish line will be the winner and will move on to the next round. The number of heats will depend on the number of racers registered. Vehicles should be able to stand up to multiple races without additional material being added!

Registration is on event day from 11 am to 2 pm. Races will start at 2:30 pm.

In order to be eligible for participation, all Zucchini Racers must meet the following requirements:
-Limit of 1 vehicle per person

-Vehicle must be made of a single zucchini/yellow squash

-Vehicle must be less than 25 cm in width including wheels/decorations

-Vehicle axle must be directly tied to, or pass through the zucchini (e.g. dowel with spinning wheels is acceptable, a zucchini strapped to a skateboard or toy is not)

-Decorations are encouraged (really…essential. Please note there will also be a prize for the fan favourite racer!), but cannot extend more than 10 cm past the front of the racer.

-Vehicle must be gravity-powered only. Any engine/rubber band/rocket, etc. powered vehicles will be disqualified
Day of regulations:

-Vehicles will be weighed on Race Day. Heats will be between similar-weight vehicles

-If repairs are required to a vehicle between races, no additional material can be added.
Winners will receive the prestigious title of the winner of the Second annual East van Zucchini race, wild applause, and a custom trophy.modvintage_zps34410b181


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